DevOps has become increasingly important in the field of cybersecurity due to the growing number of complex, interconnected systems and the need for faster, more agile security measures. In the DevOps approach, development and operations teams work together to continuously improve and enhance security practices, from coding and testing to deployment and maintenance. By automating […]

Fast Packet Processing

Fast Packet Processing (FPP) is a technique used in cybersecurity to analyze and process network traffic in real-time. FPP involves analyzing and processing packets of data as they are transmitted over a network, allowing for the detection and prevention of security threats in real-time. Open source FPP tools are tools that are developed and maintained […]


Open source anti-spam is a type of software that is used to identify and block spam emails from reaching a user’s inbox. Open source anti-spam solutions are developed and maintained by a community of volunteers, rather than a commercial organization. These solutions are often considered to be more reliable and effective than proprietary anti-spam solutions, […]

Docker Images for Penetration Testing & Security

Open source Docker images for penetration testing and security are pre-configured and ready-to-use Docker containers that contain a variety of tools and resources for security testing and incident response. These Docker images are often used by cybersecurity professionals and network administrators to quickly and easily deploy a variety of security tools and resources in a […]