Template Resources

A collection of templates and resources can be an invaluable asset for anyone working in cybersecurity. These resources may include incident response plans, security policies, risk assessments, and compliance checklists, among others

Offensive & Infrastructure Deployment

Offensive & Infrastructure Deployment is a term used in the context of cybersecurity to describe the process of utilizing various security tools and techniques to identify and remediate potential threats to an organization’s network infrastructure. This process involves a combination of both proactive and reactive measures, including threat analysis, security testing, and implementation of preventive […]

Web Scanning / Pentesting

Scanning and penetration testing are crucial components of cybersecurity. Open source tools for scanning and pentesting can be powerful and effective for identifying vulnerabilities in a wide range of systems, networks, and applications


Forensic analysis is a critical aspect of cybersecurity that involves the collection, preservation, and examination of digital evidence in order to identify, understand, and prevent cyber threats

Content Disarm & Reconstruct (CDR)

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) is a cybersecurity technique that sanitizes and reconstructs digital files to prevent malicious content from entering an organization’s network. This guide provides an overview of the importance of CDR and the techniques used to implement it effectively.

Scanning / Pentesting

Scanning and pentesting (also known as penetration testing) are important techniques used in cybersecurity to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems and networks. Scanning involves using automated tools to identify potential vulnerabilities in a system or network, while pentesting involves manually attempting to exploit those vulnerabilities in order to test the security of a system. […]