Living Off the Land Binaries, Scripts, and Libraries: A New Threat Landscape

In the world of cybersecurity, one of the most recent and emerging threats lies in the abuse of legitimate components of an operating system by threat actors. These components, known as Living Off the Land Binaries, Scripts, and Libraries (LOLBins or LOLBAS), have the potential to be manipulated and used in a way that facilitates […]

Honey Pot / Honey Net

A honey pot (or honeypot) is a security tool that is designed to mimic a vulnerable system or service in order to capture and log any malicious activity or network traffic directed towards it. Honey pots are often used as a research and education tool, allowing cybersecurity professionals to study and understand the tactics, techniques, […]

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is the proactive process of searching for and identifying potential security threats within an organization’s network. Threat hunting involves using a variety of tools and techniques to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) and other signs of malicious activity within an organization’s systems and data. This can include analyzing log files, monitoring network traffic, […]